The Donna Lisa

Donna Lisa, Donna Lisa…you’re so like the Lady with the mystic smile.

By now many of you have seen the famous (infamous) photo I took of my wife Donna. The look on her face as she glares at me not only says, “don’t you dare take a picture of me like this”; it also expresses her style of dealing with me for 40 years…namely, “I will brook no nonsense from you buddy…or you will pay”. She has her ways…believe me.

So, being me, I took the picture.

Now, I have taken it one step further and created a painting based on the photo. The look on her face is anything but enigmatic, but I still could not help thinking of Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa as I worked on it. So for your viewing pleasure (and to further torment the woman I love more than anything), I present “The Donna Lisa” by Michael Watson.

By the way, if something bad happens to me…well just remember the expression on the face of the subject below.


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